TEN - Celebration Exhibition

Celebrating 10 years of AIR arts at Royal Derby Hospital
Article text
I am thrilled to have been invited to exhibit in this 10 year celebratory exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital. For the TEN exhibition I have launched a new series of Limited Edition Prints providing visitors with an opportunity to view and purchase images derived from some of my most popular paintings.

Inspiration often comes from the most unexpected circumstances. Some of the most enjoyable times in my life have revolved around celebratory occasions which provided a good excuse to take a trip somewhere special. I guess it's more than just an experience of new places, it's also about allowing yourself that little window of quality time to help recharge your batteries, experiences the wonders of somewhere new, stir up your imagination, and be able see the world around you differently. The resulting output is a series of work which reflects my encounters and experiences of somewhere very special and evoking a sense of place for me to share with others.

My exhibition can be found on the ground floor next to the Faith Centre at Royal Derby Hospital